Clapham is a district in South London lying within the London borough of Lambeth.

It has been in existence since Anglo Saxon times, but gradually expanded during the 17th Century leading to several high class families establishing themselves around the common, and although it gradually fell out of favour with the upper classes because it became a commuter suburb due to the expansion of the underground, Clapham Common still retained a trendy feel too it.

It was in the 1980’s however that the area got gentrified and became known as “yuppie heaven”. The reason for this was that as people were not abler to afford areas such as Sloane Square and Belgravia, were looking at further afield, and as Clapham offers excellent transport links decided to purchase property in the area. Clapham is well served by buses, linking it to the City, the West End as well as other suburbs, Clapham Junction links London to the London Gatwick and the South Coast, the South West, not to mention that it helps to link the Midlands and the North. As Clapham is huge it is served by 3 underground stations on the Northern Line.

One can find everything here- there are many restaurants, cafes, wine bars, and department stores. Clapham is home to Clapham Rovers FC. Most of the population of the area is under 25 making the place vibrant as many university graduates and students choose to live in the area a tradition from the days that the University of London which used to have halls of residence here. Clapham High Street, Clapham Junction and Northcote Road offer excellent shopping facilities.

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